Top 9 Jewish Quotes

Jewish Quotes

Top 9 Jewish Quotes

The universe responds to your frequency. It doesn’t recognize your personal desires, wants, or needs. It only understands the frequency at which you are vibrating. For example; if you are vibrating in the frequency of fear, guilt, or shame you are going to attract things of a similar vibration. If you are vibrating in the frequency of love, joy, and abundance, you are going to attract things that support that frequency. It’s kinda I like tuning into a radio station. You have to be tuning into the music you want to listen to just like you have to be tuned into the energy you want to manifest into your life. Change your mindset, it will change your life.

Here are the Best Jewish Quotes :

  • I want to let you in on a little secret. There are no problems. There never were any problems. There are no problems today, and there will never be any problems. Problems just mean that the world isn’t turning the way you want it to. But in truth, there are no problems. Everything Is unfolding as it should. Everything is right. You have to forget about yourself and expand your consciousness until you become the whole universe. The reality in the back of the universe is pure awareness. It has no problems. And you are that.

Jewish Quotes

  • I believe we are a species with amnesia, I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers of products and not really asking any of the questions.
  • When you intentionally make the expression of love a part of your daily practice-that is feeling, receiving, and giving love-not only do you boost your immune system, but you begin to understand that the more you feel love, the more TEK YOUR LIPE you become love, and when you become the embodiment of love, you can change the world.

Jewish Inspirational Quotes

  • The only way you will ever awaken is through silence, not through an analysis of facts lot by sorting out good and bad, but through simple silence, letting go. Letting go of all thoughts, all the huts, all the dogmas, and concepts. Letting go of these things daily.
  • The Repair of the World If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that God has left for you to complete. But if you only see what is wrong and what is ugly in the world, then it is you yourself that needs repair.
  • I used to think I was extremely introverted because l really liked being alone but it turns out I just like being at peace with myself and my surroundings & l am extremely extroverted when I’m around people who bring me comfort and happiness.

Famous Jewish Quotes

  • If you look for the bad, you will find it. If you look for the good, you will find it. We always have a choice between two realities: the positive and the negative. The reality we invest our energy in is the one in which we exist.
  • This is the story of a people which was scattered over all the world and yet remained a single-family, a nation which time and again was doomed to destruction and yet, out of the ruins, rose to new life.”
  • “Thoughts cause biochemical reactions in your brain that release chemical signals and those chemical signals make the body feel exactly the way you were just thinking.”

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