Top 8 Dont Judge Me Quotes

Dont Judge Me Quotes

Top 8 Dont Judge Me Quotes

Don’t break a bird’s wings and then tell it to fly. Don’t break a heart and then tell it to love. Don’t break a soul and then tell it to be happy. Don’t see the worst in a person and expect them to see the best in you. Don’t judge people and expect them to stand by your side. Don’t play with fire and expect to stay safe. Dont Judge Me Quotes Life is about giving and taking. You cannot expect to give bad and receive good. You cannot expect to give hate and receive love. So if you’re willing to see positive change in your life, you must be willing to be that change itself.

Here are the Best Dont Judge Me Quotes :

  • Seriously, if it’s sucking the life out of you, stop giving it attention. If it’s a job, you need to quit. If it’s a person, cut them out. If it’s an activity, by all means, stop. Stop letting anything but you take the wheel. You’re going to be okay. Time will pass. Get out of there and make your dreams a reality. You don’t deserve anxiety. You’re not operating at your best when someone or something else is in control. Take over. Get some good vibes cranking and just be happy in your own skin. Love your life. Delete the rest.”

Dont Judge Me Quotes

  • I can point you towards the sky, but I can’t make you reach for the stars. I can show you the moon, but I can’t make you feel its beauty or appreciate its light. I can show you the pathways that you can take, but I can’t make you walk down them. I can ex- tend my hand to help you, but I can’t make you hold it back. I can tell you the truth, but I can’t make you believe it. I can tell you how I feel, but I can’t make you care.
  • “We judge people in areas where we’re vulnerable to shame, especially picking folks who are doing worse than we’re doing. If I feel good about my parenting, I have no interest in judging other people’s choices. If I feel good about my body, I don’t go around making fun of other people’s weight or appearance. We’re hard on each other because we’re using each other as a launching pad out of our own perceived deficiency.”
  • It’s never too late to start. Don’t wait for Mondays, a new month, or a new year to begin. Every new day is an opportunity to change your life. You don’t have to have all the equipment and whatnot to start. You just have to go for it. Do what you can with what you have while you work for what you want. Stay true to your vision. Be persistent, dedicated, and consistent. Hard work always pays off.
  • Make some time today to stop, reflect & make note of all those things you have to truly be grateful for in your life. The air you breathe, the water you drink and use to bathe, or shower in. The fact that you have electricity to make this device on which you are reading this post right now to work.Know it is being grateful for the little things that will amount to you receiving, even more, to be grateful for.
  • Don’t judge me unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what I went through, and cried as many tears like me. Until then back off, because you have no idea.
  • Everyone has untold stories of pain and sadness that make them love and live a little differently than you do. Stop judging! Instead, try to understand.
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