Top 7 Cus D Amato Quotes

Cus D Amato Quotes

Top 7 Cus D Amato Quotes

There is a totally different quality of being which comes from not thinking: not good, not bad, simply a state of no thinking. You simply watch, you simply remain conscious, but you don’t think. And if some thought enters they will enter because thoughts are not yours; they are just floating in the air. All around there is a noosphere, a thought sphere, all around. Just as there is air, there is thought all around you, and it goes on entering on its own accord. It stops only when you become more and more aware. There is something in it: if you become more aware, a thought simply disappears, it melts, because awareness is a greater energy than thought.

Here are the Best Cus D Amato Quotes :

  • “Through experiments over the past few decades physicists have discovered matter to be completely mutable into other particles or energy and vice-versa and on a subatomic level, matter does not exist with certainty in definite places, but rather shows ‘tendencies’ to exist. Quantum physics is beginning to realize that the Universe appears to be a dynamic web of interconnected and inseparable energy patterns. If the universe is indeed composed of such a web, there is logically no such thing as a part. This implies we have not separated parts of a whole but rather we are the Whole.”

Cus D Amato Quotes

  • “There are people we meet in life who miss being important to us by inches, days, or heartbeats. Another place or time or a different emotional frame of mind and we would willingly fall into their arms; gladly take up their challenge or invitation. But as it is, we encounter them when we are discontent or content and they are not. Whatever they are, we are not, and vice versa. Two trains going in different directions pass for a few powerful moments at full speed, blasting noise and wind but then they are gone. Whatever serious chemistry might have been possible if, isn’t.”
  • “I tell my kids, what is the difference between a hero and a coward? What is the difference between being yellow and being brave? No difference. Only what you do. They both feel the same. They both fear dying and getting hurt. The man who is yellow refuses to face up to what he’s got to face. The hero is more disciplined and he fights those feelings off and he does what he has to do. But they both feel the same, the hero and the coward. People who watch you judge you on what you do, not how you fee.”

Inspiring Cus D Amato Quotes

  • “To be free one needs constant and unrelenting vigilance over one’s weaknesses. A vigilance that requires moral energy most of us are incapable of manufacturing. We relax back into the molds of habit. They are secure, they bind us and keep us contained at the expense of freedom. To break the molds, to be heedless of the seductions of security is an impossible struggle, but one of the few that count. To be free is to learn, to test yourself constantly, to gamble.”
  • My whole love and respect are for the person Who accepts himself totally, as he is He has courage. He has the courage to face the whole pressure of society which is bent upon splitting him into divisions into good and bad, into saint and sinner. He is really a brave, courageous being who stands against the whole history of man, of morality, and declares to the skies his reality, whatever it is.
  • The whole education, culture, civilization teaches you to be outstanding, and Tao says: Don’t be outstanding, drop all that is outstanding; just be ordinary, just be simple. Easy is right; to be ordinary is to be right because to be ordinary you will be easy. If you want to be extraordinary, outstanding, you will always remain uneasy and tense because you have to prove something.
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