Top 6 Quotes About Softness

Quotes About Softness

Top 6 Quotes About Softness

This is for the ones who are struggling right now. This is for the ones who have been having a rough day or week or even a year. The ones who feel like this storm will never end. Keep fighting for yourself. Not for your friends, not for your family, but for you. Keep fighting because deep down you hold a tiny voice that knows you were meant for far more than this sadness and pain you are feeling. Keep fighting because the person you will be on the other side of all this is cheering for you so much. Keep fighting because you will get there. And it will be worth it.

Here are the Best Quotes About Softness :

  • You have what it takes. You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You are capable enough. You are worthy enough. It’s time to stop thinking otherwise and start believing in yourself because no one else has the dreams that you have. No one else sees the world exactly as you do, and no one else holds the same magic inside. It’s time to start believing in the power of your dreams, my beautiful friend. Not next year, not next month, not tomorrow, but now. You are ready. You are enough.

Quotes About Softness

  • You never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them. You never know hoW much your kindness turned someone’s entire life around. You never know how much someone needed that long hug or deep talk. So don’t wait to be kind. Don’t wait for someone else to be kind first. Don’t wait for better circumstances or for someone to change. Just be kind, because you never know how much someone needs it.
  • When you are very depressed or anxious unable to leave the house, or the sofa, or to think of anything but the Depression it can be unbearably hard. Bad days come in Degrees. They are not all equally bad. And the really bad ones, though horrible to live through, are useful for later. You store them up. A bank of bad days. The day you had run out of the supermarket. The day you were so depressed your tongue wouldn’t move. The day you made your parents cry.

Quotes About Strength And Softness

  • I hardened under the last loss. it took something human out of me. I used to be so deeply emotional id crumbled on demand. but now the water has made its exit. of course, I care about the ones around me. I’m just struggling to show it. a wall is getting in the way. I used it now. I am. so strong. that nothing shakes me. to dream of being so strong, nothing could shake me. and all I dream is to soften.
  • The day you nearly threw yourself off a cliff. So if you are having another bad day you can say, Well, this feels bad, but there have been worse. And even When you can think of no worse day than the one you’re living in the very worst there has ever been – you at least know the bank exists and that you have made a deposit.
  • I was always the girl who loved seeing the world more than I loved being in love. maybe I haven’t found the right person, or maybe was more in love with the world, but if I were to choose between being free or being in love, I always choose to be free.

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