Top 13 Grandma Birthday Quotes

Grandma Birthday Quotes

Top 13 Grandma Birthday Quotes

You’ve changed me, entirely, wholly, irrevocably. Living life is different now. It’s all so different now. Missing you has stripped me to a soul level. You’ve made me richer than ever possible before. I’ve learned that true strength and courage arise when you’ve experienced hearing loss and cannot imagine carrying on. I’ve learned that the deepest joy is known by those who have also experienced the deepest pain. I’ve seen that unending grief is really just a sign of unending love.

Here are the Best Grandma Birthday Quotes :

  • I stroked your little hand, Perfect sweetness as we touched. I whispered that I loved you. Loved you so very much. I held you close to me, Memorized your darling face. I’d waited for so long, My heart now touched by grace. As Grandma and Grandchild, An amazing journey has begun. You’re my heart, you’re my joy, My precious little one.

Grandma Birthday Quotes

  • A lost loved one can’t be replaced. There is no one thing or person that can fill that void that is left. In time, you learn to live with it. That’s all you can do. But, no matter what, regardless of the time that goes by. You still love them. You still miss them. You still wish they were here. Love doesn’t end. That’s why grief doesn’t either.
  • If we could visit heaven even for a day, Maybe for a moment, The pain would go away, I’d put my arms around you And whisper words so true, That living life without you, Is the hardest thing to do. No matter how we spend our days No matter what we do, No morning, dawns, or evening fall When we don’t think of you.
  • Sometimes parents don’t make their feelings clear; they assume that their children know of the deep love they feel for them. Yet when misunderstandings occur, and things are left unsaid, it can lead to needless doubts and insecurities.

Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes

  • If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you could ever know.
  • The loss of your mother, no matter how old you are, changes your life forever. Your mother is your first and forever friend. You never really get over the loss, but you learn to live with it. She is never far away from your thoughts, and she is always in your heart.
  • Although you cannot hear her voice or see her smile anymore, your mother walks beside you still just as she did before. She listens to your stories and she wipes away your tears; she wraps her arms around you and she understands your fears.

Cute Happy Birthday Grandma Quotes

  • It’s just she isn’t visible to see with the human eye, but talk to her in silence and her spirit will reply. You’ll feel the love she has for you – you’ll hear her in your heart; she’s left her human body but your souls will never part.
  • “I think the hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them. Always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that’s left inside your heart when they go.”
  • I don’t ever want you to feel insecure, and I want you to remember these words I am telling you now because they will always be current and never changing.

Funny Grandma Birthday Quotes

  • I am proud of the person you have become. And no matter what happens in your life, I have confidence in your ability to make the right choices. I love you.
  • You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. There is nothing I’d rather see than your smile and nothing I’d rather hear than your laughter.

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