Latest 6 Husband Cheating On Wife Quotes

Husband Cheating On Wife Quotes

Latest 6 Husband Cheating On Wife Quotes

It’s been a rough year for me, but I finally found the courage to leave my cheating husband. In our eight years together he never once looked at another woman and now that we are divorced, it turns out he had been seeing other women the entire time. He was even sleeping with one of them right before we got married! The stress from this has made me sick and it will take months maybe longer to heal emotionally. But I know in my heart that leaving him was the best decision-I deserve better than what he gave me after all these years!

Here are the Best husband cheating on wife Quotes:

  • “No one else can possibly know that kind of power you’ve got going on inside you. what kind of potential, life force, the creative ability you contain. Only you know the beginning and end of that. And even if you tell them about your dreams, and they nod their head, like, Yes, yes, maybe that’s meant to be,” they should never need to be convinced that you will reach those dreams. Because your dreams are not theirs. Because your dreams are not theirs. Let go of their opinion. Let go of their judgment. Let go of their support, even if it is coming from the most loving place. Let it go. Because it’s not for them to know, this thing that you are dreaming. You know where you’re going. You know what you’re capable of. There is no need to prove this or explain this or articulate this to anyone else. It is entirely up to you. And you need all the space within you to be free to new realities. Make sure you’ve cleared that space. Make sure nothing else is influencing that space. Make sure that this dream is all and only you.”

Married Man Cheating Quotes

  • “If he really wanted to be with you, he wouldn’t confuse you. Real men know who and what they want and go for it. Weak men will ask you to lead them through the darkness, then let go of your hand when they find the light. Don’t waste your time on a man who hasn’t decided what he wants, it’s draining and unnecessary stress.
  • “I never thought that I would find someone who understands, but he does. He perceives what I need without a glance. He senses my aches without standing where stand. He holds me with words when his arms are not around. He is the embodiment of what a man can be when he is in love.”

Spouse Cheating Quotes

  • “A woman doesn’t need a perfect man. All she needs is someone she can trust and who won’t be cheating on her physically or emotionally behind her back. Every woman needs a man who loves her immensely and never plays with her heart and last but not least she needs a man who is willing to stay in a relationship with her faithfully for the rest of his life.”
  • “A woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband will say anything to try to justify their actions.”His wife is crazy, his wife is a bitch, he doesn’t love her anymore”They never stop to question the man who cheats on the woman he vowed his life to. They never stop to wonder if perhaps his wife is a crazy bitch because his cheating ass made her that way. And they certainly never stop to think that maybe someday he might do the same to her.”

Husband Cheating On Wife Quotes

  • “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.”
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