Latest 10 Dom Quotes

Dom Quotes

Latest 10 Dom Quotes

A man, which we all are, will want to touch you in your most delicate spots darling. A Gentleman craves to touch your soul. He craves to slide his fingers into your mind, to feel the beats of your heart deep within your core, to feel your most deepest and deprived thoughts as they send chills down your spine. Your heart pounding, your mind racing, your clit swelling and begging to be touched. I believe he’s found your spot Babygirl, a Gentleman always does.

Here are the Best Dom Quotes :

  • She craved power but not that of her own. She craved him, the way his hands held her tightly, the power behind them, the way the weight of his body pinned her down and left her powerless. She craved these moments and all those that came after it, the gripping of her hair, the clawing at her skin, the feeling of his engorged shaft as he entered her deeply. Every vein of it reminded her of his power and of hers, to bring out the beast within him.

Dom Quotes

  • “She looked at him and saw the intensity in his eyes. She felt a flutter in her chest. She wanted him to take her. To use her for his pleasure. To satiate his passion. She wanted his cock in her mouth. She wanted him to hold her down and fuck her. To rip the moans from her throat. She wanted to feel his animal desire. She looked into his eyes again and felt herself getting wet. She was going to get what she wanted. “
  • That lingering thought that creeps into your mind of you in bed with your hands tied to the post, both legs spread out, and blindfolded. You know I’ll have you aroused to your full extent as you wait in anticipation. Who knows what’s next. What shall I do? Will I be merciless, torturous, tease you some more, would I ravage your body or all of the above? You’ll just have to wait Babygirl.
  • I crave to touch you on another level Babygirl, to have my words gently caress you where my hands could not, to imagine the ache in your core as the tingling warmth between your thighs grows, your clit pulsing with each unspoken word. But they are not truly unspoken, you hear them, you imagine them, you can feel them. And you most certainly will cum for them, and for me.

Dom Toretto Quotes

  • A woman moves differently when she fully embodies the feminine force of energy that flows through her. She’s intuitive and can sense when something feels off. She doesn’t people please or reduce herself to “fit in.” She has healthy boundaries because she knows her worth. She has a cosmic shine because of the radiance that illuminates from her heart.
  • I wanna playfight with you but am genuinely overpowered. I wanna try my hardest to wriggle out of your grip on my wrists and hips and be unable to escape. I wanna feel that fear of knowing you really could do whatever you want to me. So I’m completely yours to play with.
  • It’s such a turn-on when you’re fingering your sub and you start kissing them and as you speed up and get rough you can feel your sub slowly start struggling to kiss back and they start getting sloppy with kissing so you stop for a sec to wipe their drool.
  • I licked her with my words, Touching her in hidden places Without touching her, Going down on her thoughts, Slowly gliding my prose Over her wet, ravenous soul Until she opened wide her walls And let me thrust deep Inside her beautiful mind.
  • “There is just something about his strong hands. When he grips me with a passion I feel so secure and wanted. It is pure bliss.”
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