Best 9 Motives Quotes

Motives Quotes

Best 9 Motives Quotes

When I give, it does not come with strings. I’m not keeping track of what you owe me. When I give, I chose to do so without ulterior motives. I give because I’m is genuine. I give because I know what iť am like to be without. To long for and be ignored. To speak and not be heard. To care for and have nothing returned. When I give it’s because I get it. It’s because I know the value of what have in my heart and l refuse to let the world stop me from sharing that. But when things start being taken for granted. When you no longer appreciate my sincerity.

I won’t switch, I won’t get angry, and I won’t be spiteful. I just get smart and I’ll change your role in my life. Because when l give, I’m all in. But when I’m done, there’s no looking back.

Here are the Best Motives Quotes :

  • He watched every single sunrise As though it was his very first Like through the grey light of the dawn A golden firework had burst. But in truth, he simply wondered what other gifts horizons hold Until that one could turn his dull world gold. So he set all of his sights himself convinced On where the earth greeted the sky, Left the things he’d loved and bid his past a quick goodbye So sure was he that the horizon would have all he’d ever need, That just as soon as he had reached it from his burdens he’d be freed.

Motives Quotes

  • In the depths of night, he found the place he’d seen the sunrise, And there he waited for its light To to come to engulf his darkest skies. But alas, as dawn was breaking, No golden tint colored his world, And as the sun rose in the distance the hand of truth slowly unfurledYou can’t bet happiness on horizons, For it’s a race that’s never done, In which you find beyond each finish line There lies another one.
  • Don’t push me away with your actions and ask me to stay with your words. Don’t love me with all your heart and hate me to death with your thoughts. Don’t rub my back and then Stab it with my trust. Don’t say you’re ready to start and then be the reason we’re falling apart.

Motivational Quotes For Work

  • I think stars have heard more secrets than any pair of human ears, They are trusted with our troubles and are the guards of all our fears. Perhaps we share with them our sorrows For they too have known the night, Yet they’ve learned to let the darkness simply emphasize their light.
  • When everything you’ve dreamed of seems like it’s just too awfully far, And the whispered voice of doubt has been ingrained in who you are, Do not curse the distance For it provides the time to grow, What would be the point of dreams If you could reach them in one go?

Positive Quotes About Life

  • Perhaps that’s why we take our shelter As the night comes rushing in, For fear of something other brushing up against our skin. In case we stretch our arms out Into things we do not know And return with fingers darkened Wrapped around a ripped shadow
  • There must be more to darkness than just a simple lack of light, For there is something almost palpable about the dead of night. It is tempting to risk everything ever counted real If just to run our hands through how the predawn hours feel.
  • “We must never forget that human motives are generally far more complicated than we are apt to suppose and that we can very rarely accurately describe the motives of another.
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