Best 7 Relationship Patience Quotes

Relationship Patience Quotes

Best 7 Relationship Patience Quotes

It takes a certain type of man to be able to get it. to understand that a woman who used to being let down repetitively, starved of simple things in a relationship like peace, tenderness, and common respect, and is used to always having to fight to be heard. doesn’t know what a happy relationship feels like. so it takes a certain type of man to want her to know that feeling, and have the patience to just walk her through it as she gets used to a new normal a loving normal. a breathe easy normal. a stress-free normal.happy normal.

Here are the Best Relationship Patience Quotes :

  • And when I say a good man, I don’t mean a man who’s “perfect” but a man who tries. He’s hardworking, will go above and beyond to make you happy. Imperfect but is working towards being a better man, he’s not out here making you look dumb, he’s your best friend and you can run to him with and for everything. Yes, he’s going to mess up here and there but if he’s trying to be a better man for you, love that man, keep that man, celebrate that man because that man is hard to find.

Relationship Patience Quotes

  • And when he asked what it was that he could give to her that she’d never had
    before, her answer was so simple.”Consistency,” she said. “If you want to give me something that no man has ever given to me, then don’t give me mixed signals nor mixed emotions that leave me wondering; I’m tired of wondering. If you’re going to be here with me then be here, if you ever feel the need to leave, then stay gone. All I need at this point from someone is consistency.”
  • A soul mate does not complete you -they inspire you to complete yourself. A soul mate is a person who supports your direction, who motivates and encourages you to stretch, to change, to reinvent yourself until you are happy. A soul mate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt just how capable you are of becoming exactly who you have always wanted to be.

Patience Relationship Quotes

  • Fall in love with someone who will take care of you, not in a materialistic way, but rather, fall in love with someone who will take care of your soul. Fall in love with someone who will take care of your mind, someone who will take care of your heart. Fall in love with someone who will take care of even the most chaotic parts of who you are
  • Love will not save you. But it will hold your hand while you save yourself. And in a world that sometimes seems devoid of goodness, in a world that sometimes feels too heavy to bear, I think that is all we are really searching for. Someone by our side. Someone who grounds us. Someone who will quietly hug us for twenty minutes straight while we figure it all out. I think that is all anyone really needs. Someone who sees them. Someone who stays.
  • “Fall in love. Maybe it doesn’t have to be with someone. Fall in love with music, art, dancing in the dark, car rides at lam, the glistening of the stars, the colors of the sun as it rises, the smell of flowers, the feeling of adrenaline that takes over your whole body and suffocates your lungs with joy, good friends who bring out your best, silence, noise, fall in love with the little things that make you feel most alive and find purpose. Fall in love with life.”

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