Best 7 Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes

Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes

Best 7 Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes

I have a mind that is in constant search of understanding. if it means tearing myself apart by the ends of the universe inside of me, I will if it leads to discovering the answers I need. I’ve been building and rebuilding myself all my life. I have never been one to wait around long enough for a project to finish, so some may call me mad or crazy, and I don’t mind at all. I find sweet comfort in the storms because there’s something about a slow roll of thunder in your chest and a steady lightning show in your heart that makes you feel worthy of the rain.

Here are the Best Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes :

  • “l think you need to just close the fucking chapter on him even if it was long enough to be a fucking novel itself. You’ve cried over this boy so many times before, when are you going to put yourself first? When are you going to realize this is not what you deserve? When you were little would you have ever wished this for yourself? Why are you putting yourself through this? You are so goddamn important and he is a fucking idiot who didn’t deserve to know you the way he did. Let him go, let him go, let him go. There is nothing more you can do.”

Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes

  • You can’t keep everyone forever and people will come and go, even when you think they will love you forever. Sometimes we learn that lesson the hard way. And as much as it hurts, it’s part of our growth. It’s okay to love people for a little while and let them go. This life is such a beautiful, tragic, temporary journey, but it’s ours for the time we’re here. We don’t have long, so let’s remember to live and never just exist. We may not ever have this chance again. Let’s make it spectacular.
  • “Were it possible for us to see further than our knowledge reaches, and yet a little way beyond the outworks of our divinings, perhaps we would endure our sadnesses with greater confidence than our joys? For they are the moments when something new has entered into us, something unknown; our feelings grow mute in shy perplexity, everything in us withdraws, a stillness comes, and the new, which no one knows, stands in the midst of it and is silent.”
  • “As I looked at what used to be our spot on the couch, our blanket we would use to cover all of our bad habits, and our pillows we would use to throw at each other when we weren’t getting enough attention, a tear trickled down my cheek that you used to kiss, and my hair fell down to the ear you used to whisper “I love you” in. As I start to feel you creeping back into my heart I look at my leg which is also the place I use to cut because of you.”
  • “Between the end of that strange summer and the approach of winter, my life went on without change. Each day would dawn without incident and end as it had begun. It rained a lot in September. October had several warm, sweaty days. Aside from the weather, there was hardly anything to distinguish one day from the next. I worked at concentrating my attention on the real and useful.”
  • I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie. I want my grasp of things to be true. I want to describe myself like a painting that I looked at closely for a long time, like a saying that I finally understood, like a ship that carried me through the wildest storm of all.
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