Best 6 Single Twitter Quotes

Single Twitter Quotes

Best 6 Single Twitter Quotes

“Being married to an elf would suck they’d just be like, “I wrote a short ballad on the subject of our love. would you like to hear it?” “proceeds to sing for the next 12 hours without pause because that’s what’s considered brief by elf standards” and being married to a dwarf would suck bc they’d be like “spends 36 hours carving a pattern into a single face of a hammer they’re working on because you “can’t rush art” and forgets that you even exist until you’re forced to come down and persuade them to return to the surface to take a nap before they collapse of exhaustion so you really can’t win”

Here are the Best Single Twitter Quotes :

  • “I feel like something we don’t talk about nearly enough is that the quote “if we want the rewards of being loved we have to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being known” is from an a new york times opinion piece and the context of it being written was that a man emailed all his coworkers photos of a herd of goats he had rented and got sad when one of them accidentally cc’d him back “oof”

Single Twitter Quotes

  • “When I feel bad about my social skills I remind myself how onetime Rachmaninoff decided he was gonna be pals with Stravinsky who casually mentioned he liked honey)so he showed up at his house in the middle of the night with an enormous jar of honey and no explanation.”
  • “If the date you, my goal is to adopt a family of raccoons with you & move into the mountains. I’m not dating you to pass time. I see potential in you &think you would be good at foraging for berries.”

Funny Single Quotes Twitter

  • “My favorite type of people is the old guys at Target and Lowe’s, who, when you ask them where something is, ask: what project are you working on? and proceed to show you a cheaper and easier solution.”
  • “I don’t understand why my friends ask me for relationship advice. If I knew what I was doing wouldn’t be sleeping next to my unfolded laundry.”
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