Best 6 Shady Quotes

Shady Quotes

Best 6 Shady Quotes

let’s all stop being little fucks. Respect other people enough to tell them the truth. If someone makes you happy, tell them. If someone inspires you, tell them. If you’re not interested in someone, please just fucking tell them. Don’t ignore people until they disappear. It’s time we grow up and stop leaving people hanging with unanswered texts and cryptic social media posts. Everyone is human and we’re all just trying to understand one another in this messy dating world, so stop treating a relationship of any kind like it’s a challenge to complete.

Be honest with other people about how you feel, and don’t get so lost in playing the game that you forget to extend that same courtesy to yourself.

Here are the Best Shady Quotes :

  • When people act shady, allow them. When people betray your trust, allow them. But never, ever sink to their level. Their choices are a direct reflection of who they are, not who they are. No matter how angry, hurt, or disappointed you may be – do not allow them to make you bitter. Be better. React with love. Sometimes that means retaliating with understanding and compassion, other times it means retaliating with acceptance and sheer silence.  being instead of lowering you into a position which you would rather not be in. Just because someone’s an asshole does not mean you have to be one too.

Shady Quotes

  • There is a rare breed of people that go all in. They keep their word, they give it all, they go the extra mile for those they care for. These individuals hardly ever receive the same passion and effort in return, yet never change and always give their all. Hoping that one day maybe, just maybe they find someone as rare as them to love them as fiercely and with as much devotion. To the givers, forgivers, & selfless lovers out there. Keep being beautiful, Don’t let this cold world change you, and take advantage of every little moment, you are given.
  • If you have someone that still texts you when you haven’t replied for hours, watches you give other people attention while you ignore them, or even just handles all the bullshit you throw at them and is still them, you need to knock some fucking sense into yourself, tell them to thank you and I love you, and never fucking let them go cause someone like that is hard to find in this shitty ass world.
  • Avoid people who mess with your head. Avoid people who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you. Avoid people who expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you. Avoid people who can’t and won’t apologize sincerely.
  • When people act shady. allow Them When people betray your trust allow them. But never. ever sink to their level. Their choices are a direct reflection of who they are. NO how angry. hurt or disappointed you may be, do not allow them to make you better.
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