Best 6 Change The World Quotes

Change The World Quotes

Best 6 Change The World Quotes

I get tempted at times to kiss him. To walk close, cradle his face and nibble my way around his lips. I want more, I tell myself. I want to push him onto the chair behind him and straddle his strong body. Put my hands through his long dark hair and bring him close to me. I want to feel him between my thighs, the warmth of his hands against my hips. I want him to squeeze until I moan in his ear. I am afraid I could not stop with just his lips because devouring every inch of him would be satisfying.

Would he mind if I slid down his body? Crawled my way until I sat perfectly between his legs. What if my hands caressed the parts that ached to be touched? I am tempted to have my way with him. I wonder if he would let me?

Here are the Best Change The World Quotes :

  • She felt like doing her part to change the world. So she started by giving thanks for all the blessings in her life, rather than bemoaning all that was missing from it. Then she complimented her reflection in the mirror, instead of criticizing it as she usually did. Next, she walked into her neighborhood and offered her smile to everyone she passed, whether or not they offered theirs to her. Each day she did these things, and soon they became a habit. Each day she lived with more gratitude, more acceptance, more kindness. And sure enough, the world around her began to change. Because she had decided so, she was single-handedly doing her part to change it.

Change The World Quotes

  • Something beautiful happens when you finally learn to stop abandoning yourself. This is the one transformation that matters the most. Don’t you dare miss it? It is the birth of who you were always meant to be, the view of your sky, displayed with colors of proof that nothing on your journey was ever in vain. Every road you took had a purpose and all of the obstacles were placed precisely to bring you to the destination of you.
  • “I have seen him at his and his worst. I cannot decide which I love more, his happiness, or raw emotion. But I love him, all of him. Every single side and bit. I love the sky above his head, the floor he walks on. I love the words he spills over morning coffee, the whispers he mumbles in sleep. I love the tears he blinks away, the red in his cheeks. There is not a part of him I can’t accept, there is not a part of him I can’t love.”

Quotes To Change The World

  • He makes me feel like sunshine first thing in the morning. With his silk sheets hugging every inch of my skin. How his kisses still dance all over my body, is a mystery. I am in awe of the sweetness he feeds my soul. He has my heart dripping with honey and my mind wrapped up with stardust. And when the moon watches us at night, he caresses every part of me with his light.
  • I like people who tell real, honest stories about themselves, even when it makes them look bad, so other people can learn from their mistakes. I like people who tell their stories despite what others may think about them because they know somebody needs to hear that growth is possible.
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