Best 5 Special Education Quotes

Special Education Quotes

Best 5 Special Education Quotes

The times my autistic child seems to bestruæling the most are the times I have to stop what I’m doing and focus directly on my child. Turn off the stove, DVR whatever I’m watching, put down the cell phone, open the bathroom door and say, “Come sit with me.” All the little meltdowns and times of distress are a way of saying, “need something, but can’t find a way to tell you”. I have to stop what I’m doing and JUST LISTEN.

Here are the Best Special Education Quotes :

  • They say that I have ‘special needs’ And while that’s partly true, The needs that matter most to me, Are the same ones you have too. I need to be accepted, I need friends that make me smile, I need a chance to learn and grow, Feel valued all the while, Sure, I need some extra help, And some things I can’t do, But I hope you’ll see beyond all that, Inside, it m just like you.

Special Education Quotes

  • “People have told me over the years that I am incredible, amazing, inspirational. That they couldn’t do it and they don’t know how I do it. But the truth is I am no different from everyone else it’s just that my life journey took an unexpected turn and I am doing things a little differently from everyone else in my life. You would do the same for your child.”
  • “l think the hardest part of having a child with a delay of any kind is the fight: The fight*for services. The fight for people to understand who your child is and what they need.The fight for knowledge, because knowledge is power. And the quiet fight you have within yourself wondering if you’ve left no stone unturned.”
  • It is” Special Needs Journe No one is ahead of you or behind öu. You are exactly where you need to is not a contest, this is life with a special needs child. A place where we are all teachers and we are all students.
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