Best 10 Quotes About Finding The One

Quotes About Finding The One

Best 10 Quotes About Finding The One

Sometimes I look at you and I can’t understand how someone before I didn’t see what I see, sometimes I look at you and I can’t understand how someone before me didn’t notice a whole beautiful universe hidden within you, sometimes I look at you and I can’t understand how someone before me looked at you and didn’t find every single the thing they’d been searching for in a single human being, and sometimes I look at you feeling glad that they didn’t, because if they looked deep enough to see all of those things within you, then I would’ve never been able to.

Here are the Best Quotes About Finding The One :

  • She’s your woman. She’s supposed to be that annoying person you adore. She says corny stuff, but it makes you smile. She says dumb things, but you know she’s just worried. She tells you how she feels all the time so you don’t forget that you mean everything to her. She doesn’t text you or call you sometimes because she doesn’t want to annoy you. When you fight she goes to sleep sick to her stomach. And stays that way until you make up. You’re the only thing that makes everything better. You’re the only one and you are hers.

Quotes About Finding The One

  • I know I’m not easy to love. I’m a chronic over-thinker, I overreact more than I should… And every once in a while, I might be a little insecure. But if I am in love with you, I can promise you wholeheartedly that you will be loved with so much passion and intensity that you’ll forget what life felt like before I came along. You will always be cared for and you will always have someone in your corner. Maybe I’m not the best at being loved But I like to think I’m pretty good at loving.
  • The truth is, none of us are easy to date, deal with, or please all the time. We have our vices, attitudes, and way of doing things that make us unique. You won’t like everything about somebody, it’s impossible. This is life, and it isn’t about finding the perfect person, there’s no such thing. It isn’t about living some happily ever after fairy tale. It’s about finding someone you’re willing to work for, and who is willing to work for you. It’s simple, but yet so hard to achieve.

Quotes About Not Finding The Right One

  • I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me.
  • DO you know how hard it is for me to hold my tears inside? I lost someone special and it is so very hard for me every day. I may look strong, I may have you fooled, but what you didn’t realize is that I fight each day to be this way. So please have patience with me. I will never be the same person I once was. Just know that I am trying to be the best I can be, for today„.

Short Quotes About Finding The One

  • I believe that you are with me When the sorrow is too much I believe that you reach out to me I know that I feel your touch.
  • I believe that you can hear me When I tell you about my life I believe that you are listening To my troubles and my strife.
  • I believe that you still love me From your place of eternal rest I believe that love far travels And for this, I feel blessed.
  • I believe that you can see me When I celebrate and smile I believe that you are happy That joy comes once in a while.
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