Top 12 Annie Oakley Quotes

Annie Oakley Quotes

Top 12 Annie Oakley Quotes

I’ll never regret meeting you. You were the best mistake I ever made. All the tears I shed, all the time I lost, and the overthinking I did weren’t in vain because they taught me to never give my love out so freely ever again. See, I learned to forgive those that have done wrong in the past. So, I thank you for everything you put me through. You helped me grow. You helped me build the woman I am today and remind me of the type of woman, I’ll never be again.”

Here are the Best Annie Oakley Quotes :

  • I had to take a step back, get all the way real with my 1ife, and ask myself why the hell do I want a man who made it obvious with his actions, that he didn’t want me Why do I keep trying for a man who never made the effort for me? In doing that, I realized, that he wasn’t a problem anymore was me. I had become my own problem by sticking around bullshit situations and I needed to fix my fucking self.

Annie Oakley Quotes

  • I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you, you’re going to miss me being there, putting up with you, and refusing to give up on you. you’re going to regret everything you’ve done to me, including all the damage you caused. Someday, you’ll look back and wish things could be different. I might have been worthless to you, but I am of great value to myself.
  • This morning I woke up and reminded me that my soul is fucking beautiful mind is fucking powerful heart is made of fucking gold and I’ve got so many damn good things going for me that I literally do not need anyone who isn’t going to love me the way that I fucking deserve to be loved.
  • ‘Aim at the high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, not the second time, and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally, you’ll hit the bulls-eye of success.

Famous Oakley Quotes

  • Someone that will be there to hold me when I feel vulnerable. Someone that will look past my defects and love me for who I am Someone that will give me butterflies in my stomach every time we’re together. Someone that I can call mine.
  • I’m not desperate for a relationship, but. I do miss the feeling of having someone that can make me smile and feel appreciated. Someone that will make calling and texting me the first and last thing they do every day.
  • You can’t be mad at her for leaving when you are the one who pushed her away what was she supposed to do? No matter how strong she is. there’s only so much she can take before she finally says, “Enough!”

Annie Oakley Quotes Sayings

  • It sounds bizarre but it happens, because the truth is, as powerful and as thrilling and as wonderful as it may be, love isn’t always enough, and being in love doesn’t always mean you’re happy.
  • If you knew how hard it was and how long it took to rebuild my little universe of peace and happiness then you would understand why I’m so picky about who I allow in my life.
  • The saddest end to the relationship is one where you have to break up with somebody when you’re still in love with them.
  • You can continue to love someone even after they’ve hurt you, but you know deep inside yourself that it won’t ever be the same again.

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